McRevo Ltd is the promoter of the Pistalab Cup Monaco -  , simracing race (hereinafter “the race”), in collaboration with DrivingItalia.NET.

The race is held under the Simracing Sporting Code, the present Sporting Regulations specific to the race.

McRevo Ltd is the legal owner of the commercial trademark “Pistalab Cup Monaco -  ,” and confirms that DrivingItalia.NET is authorized to use such commercial or brand name/trademark in connection with the following motor sport virtual race: “Pistalab Cup Monaco -  ,”.





  1. All drivers, competitors and officials participating in the race undertake, on behalf of themselves, their employees and agents, to observe all the provisions, as supplemented or amended, of the Code, the Race Director and marshalls orders, the Sporting Regulations, the Sporting Bulletins and communications.


  2. The simulated E-Stratos by MAT car is provided free of charge, downloadable from the official website or in any other way that will be communicated

  3. to participate in the race you need a personal computer (PC)

  4. each driver must have a good and stable internet connection for the PC, the latency ping with the server must never exceed 150ms, otherwise the driver will be expelled from the server; it is recommended to perform connection tests to the server before the race

  5. each driver need a licensed original copy of Assetto Corsa simulator installed into the PC

  6. it's possibile to buy Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition game directly from Steam here;

  7. the use of a steering wheel and pedal is absolutely recommended

  8. it's necessary and mandatory to install and active the PTracker app into Assetto Corsa (download here); refer to the official forum for support

  9. the official forum of the Pistalab Cup Monaco -  ,, also for support about technical problem, is the DrivingItalia.NET forum here;

    Pistalab Cup Monaco -  , COMPETITION

  10. Competition are reserved for car E-Stratos by MAT; it's not possible to enter the race online server with other virtual car or a modified version of the car

  11. the Pistalab Cup Monaco -  , is an event consisting of a pre-qualification phase with the registration of the fastest lap, open to all those registered for the event and a final phase reserved for drivers with the best 8 times recorded

  12. the pre-qualification phase lasts 7 days, during which all entrants can register their best time by connecting to the official competition server; further details will be communicated on the forum and on the official website

  13. each participant can perform a maximum number of 8 laps on the server, under penalty of disqualification from the competition; it is possible to train offline without any limit 

  14. at the end of the 7 days, the drivers with the best 8 laps times recorded access the online final phase 

  15. the online final takes place on the circuit Pistalab Cup Monaco - Disgitalbits Trophy in one versus one direct elimination mode: from 8 drivers will remain in 4, then only 2 who compete in the final

  16. The Drivers’ title will be awarded to the driver who has win the last final round of the competition


  17. The following officials, who may have assistants and during the Competition, will be responsible for the Pistalab Cup Monaco -  ,:
    - a Race Director: Nicola Trivilino
    - a Deputy Race Director: Alessandro Gamberini
    - a Technical Delegate: he will be responsible for all the technical process of the competition

  18. The Race Director may give orders in respect of:
    A) the control of practice and the race, adherence to the timetable and, if he deems it necessary, the formulation of any proposals to modify the timetable in accordance with the Code or Sporting Regulations
    B) the stopping of any car in accordance with the Code or Sporting Regulations
    C) the stopping of practice
    D) the starting procedure
    E) suspending and resuming the race

  19. The Race Director and the Technical Delegate must be present at the circuit at the latest from the beginning of the Competition as defined by the Code

  20. The Race Director must be in radio contact with the Technical Delegate, all the drivers on track and with all the marshals’ posts on the track.

  21. The radio voice contact and also the text chat, will be the Discord channel of DrivingItalia.NET

  22. all the drivers and technicians involved, must log in to the Discord DrivingItalia.NET channel before the race

  23. Discord is a free voice and text application, that its' possible to use via browser, downloaded app, PC, tablet and smartphone; more information here


  24. Applications to compete in the event must be submitted to the 04.05.2022 to 21.07.2022

  25. race entry fee is free for the driver;

  26. there is no limit to the number of participants, all members must participate in the pre-qualification phase 

  27. Each application shall include:
    a) confirmation that the applicant has read and understood the Sporting Regulations and agrees, on its own behalf and on behalf of everyone associated with its participation in the race, to observe them;
    b) the name and surname of the driver;

  28. The Pistalab Cup Monaco -  , entry list will be published at least 48 hours before the beginning of the Competition.

  29. If, in the opinion of the organization a competitor fails to operate in a manner compatible with the standards of the race or in any way brings the race into disrepute, organization may exclude such competitor from the race forthwith.


  30. The Race Director may give instructions to competitors and drivers by means of communication in accordance with the Code. These bulletins and communications will be distributed to all the competitors, who must acknowledge receipt.

  31. All classifications and results of pre-qualification and the race, as well as all decisions, communications and bulletins issued by the officials, will be posted on the official web site and the forum

  32. Any decision or communication concerning a particular competitor must be given to him within twenty- five minutes of such decision, and receipt must be acknowledged.


  33. “Incident” means any occurrence or race and pre-qualification of occurrences involving one or more drivers, or any action by any driver, which is reported to the Stewards by the Race Director (or noted by the Stewards and referred to the Race Director for investigation) and which:
    - necessitated the stopping of a practice, qualifying session or the suspension of a race;
    - constituted a breach of these Sporting Regulations or the Code;
    - caused a false start by one or more cars;
    - caused a collision;
    - forced a driver off the track;
    - illegitimately prevented a legitimate overtaking manoeuvre by a driver;
    - illegitimately impeded another driver during overtaking.

  34. Unless in the opinion of the Race Director or Stewards it was completely clear that a driver was in breach of any of the above, any Incidents involving more than one car will normally be investigated after the session/race by checking the replay recorded by the race server.

  35. It shall be at the discretion of the Stewards to decide, upon a report by the Race Director, if a driver or drivers involved in an Incident shall be penalized.

  36. If an Incident is under investigation by the Stewards, a message informing all which driver or drivers are involved will be displayed on the timing monitor.

  37. If a driver is involved in a collision or Incident and has been informed of this by the Stewards no later than 10 minutes after the race has finished, he must not leave the circuit without the consent of the Stewards.

  38. being virtual races and lacking the "fear" for the drivers, all those behaviors that damage another driver (causing him to waste time, positions or damage to the car) will be penalized, during the race or after the verification of the full race replay from the server

  39. The Stewards may impose one or more of the penalties of the present Sporting Regulations, simultaneously if applicable and/or in substitution or in addition to other available penalties, on any driver involved in an Incident.

  40. the driver responsible for an accident and penalized by the Race Director, loses the right to any type of prize and benefit


  41. Protests and appeals, from drivers or competitors, it's not allowed against the decisions of the Race Director; with the simple registration and participation in the championship, all drivers declare to accept any decision made by the race director and by the organization of the event


  1. general guidelines followed by the Race Director:
    a) 5 seconds time penalty during the race (if possible):
    - use of text chat during the race
    - return to the track from the pits without giving precedence to those on the track
    - return to the track after an exit without giving precedence to those who come
    - accident with an opponent who does no damage him
    - driver with a blue flag who does not leave the road adequately, but does not cause direct damage
    b) 10 seconds time penalty during the race (if possible)
    - return to the track from the pits with damage caused to an opponent
    - return to the track after an exit without giving precedence to those who arrive with damage caused to an opponent
    - accident with an opponent that causes damage to the car and/or wastes time/positions
    - driver with a blue flag who does not leave the road adequately, and causes damage to the car and/or wastes time/positions
    c) disqualification from the race
    - use of the text chat during the race with insults, offense, controversies etc …
    - use the ESC key during the race
    - accident involving two drivers
    - driver with a blue flag who does not leave the road adequately, and causes the withdrawal of those who had to dub him directly

  2. with the exception of the most serious crash, it is possible to avoid a penalty by returning the position to the damaged driver; in this case there will be only a warning for the guilty driver


  3. The driver must drive his car alone and unaided; only the automatic clutch is allowed.

  4. The use of the ESC key is allowed only in the practice session, but is prohibited in the qualifyng and race sessions. The use of the ESC key in the qualifyng and race is equivalent to withdrawing the driver from the race

  5. refer to the official calendar for the competition days

  6. the precise times of each event and each single session will be communicated in the forum

  7. the maximum number of drivers allowed in the final race event is set at 8


  8. No car may take part in the Competition until it has been not passed the access to the race server

  9. The scrutineers may check the eligibility of a car or of a driver at any time during a Competition.

  10. Data acquisition system and also timing and position for the car, is provided by Ptracker app; it is mandatory that the app is up and running at all times of the event

  11. there is no limit in the use of tyres set implemented in the Assetto Corsa simulator

  12. there is no limit in the use of the number of engines in the Assetto Corsa simulator


  13. The pit lane rules and pit assistance are implemented in automatic by Assetto Corsa simulator, controlled by the driver

  14. refuelling is free

  15. the setup configuration can be modified as desired by the driver


  16. the official Pistalab Cup Monaco -  , server is always active online for drivers testing, H24, 7/7 days

  17. the name of the server, which can be searched in the multiplayer menu of Assetto Corsa, is always “DrivingItalia.NET Pistalab Cup Monaco -  ,”

  18. the password to access the server, if requested, will be communicated to the driver in a forum topic

  19. Save where these Sporting Regulations require otherwise, pit and track discipline and safety measures will be the same for all practice sessions as for the race.

  20. No driver may start in a race without having taken part in the qualifying practice session

  21. There will be one free practice sessions of 60 minutes.

  22. There will be one 5-minute qualifying practice session.

  23. The use of the ESC key (to return the car quickly to the pit) it's not allowed in the Qualy session; if used by driver, all times laps recorded later will be canceled

  24. All laps covered during qualifying practice will be timed. With the exception of a lap in which a red flag is shown, each time a car crosses the Line it will be deemed to have completed one lap.


  25. Should it become necessary to stop the practice because a technical problem or another cause, the red flag and the abort lights will be shown at the Line. Simultaneously, red flags will be shown at all the marshals’ posts. When the signal is given to stop, all drivers must return to the box by pressing the esc key


  26. At the end of qualifying practice, the fastest time achieved by each driver will be published officially.

  27. The starting grid for Race will be drawn up from the qualyfing session

  28. The fastest car will start the race from the position on the grid which is the pole position according to the circuit license.

  29. Should two or more drivers have set identical times, priority will be given to the one who set it first


  1. A briefing by the Race Director will take place in the Discord channel of DrivingItalia.NET before the start of the practice session. All drivers entered in the Competition must be present throughout the briefing;


  2. all procedures are automatically regulated by the Assetto Corsa simulator and the server; a waiting time of at least 3 minutes is set before the start of the next session.

  3. the race will start immediately, by extinguishing of the red lights, without the formation lap

  4. if during the starting procedure or immediately after the start and also during the first lap, a problem arises (crash of the server, many drivers disconnected, problem with the live streaming or similar), the Race Director can relaunch a new starting procedure via server

  5. in the previous case, all cars of the drivers will be put automatically in the correct starting grid place for a new start; if many drivers are disconnected from the server, the Race Director can wait a maximum of 4 minutes to launch the restart

  6. A penalty will be imposed automatically by Assetto Corsa for a false start


  7. If a car stops during the race, it must be removed from the track as quickly as possible by the driver with click on the ESC key

  8. During the race, drivers leaving the pit lane will do so only when the light at the pit lane exit is green and under their own responsibility. A marshal with a blue flag, or a blue flashing light, will also warn the driver if cars are approaching on the track.

  9. exiting the pit lane it is mandatory to stay inside the white line of the track entry lane and it is forbidden to cross or touch the white line

  10. the safety car and the full course yellow procedure is not allowed in Assetto Corsa


  1. The end-of-race signal will be given at the Line as soon as the leading car has completed the full race distance by crossing the line on the track

  2. after the end of Race, all the drivers can leave the server only after the authorization of the Race Director


  3. The car placed first will be the one having covered the scheduled distance in the shortest time. All cars will be classified taking into account the number of complete laps they have covered, and for those which have completed the same number of laps, the order in which they crossed the Line.

  4. The official overall classification will be published after the race. These will be the only valid results subject to any amendments, which may be made under the Code and these Sporting Regulations.


  1. The drivers finishing the races in 1° and 2° positions, must be present, after the Race, in the official voice chat interviews channel, previously indicated by the organization

  2. specific details, regulatory clarifications or particular provisions, are quickly published on the official forum, which all drivers are asked to check often and carefully 

Aggiornamento date Evento. Monaco -09-07-22

In considerazione del grande numero di iscritti , al fine di ottimizzare il normale  svolgimento della diretta live della finale di gara , l'Organizzazione  comunica quanto segue:

Prove Ufficiali ::: dal 12 al 17 luglio 2022:::

Fuso Orario : Principato di Monaco  

12 luglio ore 10:00 Apertura Server per qualifiche Ufficiali

17 luglio ore 23:00  Chiusura Server  e pubblicazione dei migliori 8 tempi

🏁GARA  ⌁

18 luglio ore 21:30 inizio diretta live 🎙

Abbiamo previsto di aumentare il numero dei server per le qualifiche ufficiali 

Attenzione : IL PILOTA PRIMA DI ENTRARE DEVE SCRIVERE NEL MENU DI GIOCO  - NOME E COGNOME - Non è consentito l'uso del nick name - 



Aggiornamento al Regolamento di Gara , del 09.07.2022     

Art. 1 

Sarà possibile effettuare le qualifiche anche in giorni diversi a patto che vengano compiuti un massimo di 10 giri. (verranno conteggiati i giri anche in caso di urti contro i muri).

Art. 2

Prender nota del nome esatto del Server a cui si ha avuto accesso e utilizzare sempre ed esclusivamente questo Server.

Art. 3 

Qualora un pilota facesse oltre 10 giri , la Direzione di Gara cancellerà i tempi , escludendo il concorrente dalla gara.


Al fine di garantire a tutti l 'accesso alle qualifiche , i piloti che sosteranno in pista senza effettuare dei giri , verranno disconnessi dopo 5 minuti di inattività.




Consigliamo di non attendere gli ultimi giorni , in quanto a causa di un elevato traffico potrebbe risultare difficile entrare.